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Start Selling Online

Market your entrepreneurial venture from home

By registering with BimShops Barbados you will gain the advantage of exposure through our platform, benefiting from our social media placements & Google campaigns, used to reach the entirety of our island.

  • Is there a price for registration to sell my services?

    (Yes) But Try Our Free Trial

    Freelancer membership packages provide you with a unique customizable profile page where persons can list each of their microservices (i.e I will replace your vehicle's brake pads) and state a base price for these services which customers can then add to cart and pay for services.

    Alternatively you can contact our team about operating on a commission basis*

  • Do Freelancers need "Credits" to sell my services?

    No, Credits Are For Proposals

    Credits are a digital currency used to regulate the distribution of job opportunities, once a job is posted on BimShops Barbados, Freelancers are able to submit proposals for the aforementioned jobs using this currency,
    i.e if A standard member has 60 credits, at the current cost of 5 credits per proposal that member can apply for 12 unique Job Opportunities.

  • Are Freelancers be able to withdraw their Earnings?

    Yes, Money sent via PayPal

    All Freelancers will be able to withdraw their earnings remotely via PayPal, additionally for persons without access to an online Payment Gateway local offline options will be made available.


Employers Seeking Expertise

Leverage our vast network of creatives

Alternatively to seeking foreign Digital Service providers, BimShops seeks to connect Barbadian & West Indian with our own catalogue of talented individuals and service providers.

  • How do Employers submit Jobs?

    User Registration

    Similar to the process outlined by Freelancers, the Employer account package provides an interactive dashboard where work can be submitted to a relevant board and proposals reviewed before accepting a fitting candidate.

  • Are Employers charged any additional Fees?

    Service Fees

    Our Employers are not subject to the BimShops service fee which is only applied in the event of online transactions, so as to cover both any hidden credit card fees as well as PayPals transfer fee when Withdrawals are made.

  • Are there eCommerce Options Available?


    Yes, at present BimShops Barbados has launched its front-end multivendor Marketplace solution which remains available for use by all members of BimShops who hold the respective package.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I advertise on BimShops?

    Digital Marketing

    Yes, BimShops currently has the islands largest directory of local Dining options, showcased on our interactive map on the "Directory" page.

  • How do I Report an issue to BimShops?


    Our team appreciates any feedback in relation to the Website or affiliated pages, please contact us at info@bimshops.com with any such inquiries.

  • How do I Delete my Account / Data?

    Membership Status

    In compliance with GDPR Protocols BimShops allows users to request account deactivation or deletion via the user Dashboard after sign up.